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Journey of RMWA

Rubber Manufacturers’ Welfare Association(formerly Gujarat Rubber Manufacturers’ Association) was
formed in 1978 with the intention of uniting the various units engaged in the manufacture of goods
based on Rubber. The Association commenced operations in the office of one of its founder members
and operated from there until it could have its own premises.
Its first premises were in an office complex behind Ashram Road. Now it has an office at Memnagar,
RMWA is an approximately 350 strong association of manufacturers, ancillaries, traders, academicians,
institutes ,professionals etc engaged in various activites with rubber in the state of Gujarat.
Ahmedabad could be termed as the Rubber Roller Capital of the country, considering there are about 20
medium sized unites engaged in manufacturing rubber rollers, catering to the entire spectrum of
requiaremlent of industry right from printing to textile, to paper and pulp, to plastics, right up to steel.
The lining and tyre industries have established themselves well in Gujarat due to the huge
pharmaceutical, chemical & automotive industries located in Gujarat.
The Government of Gujarat has been pushing the frontiers of industrial infrastructure in the state and
creating a very conducive atmosphere for industry to grow.
RMWA as an apex body representing the above mentioned rubber & allied industrial units of Gujarat
and, is constantly, striving further the interest of its members.